Saturday, 19 July 2014


Once, my wife told me this interesting story about her childhood:
Two decades after the Korean war, children used to rush out from their houses to the main square holding raw grains of rice in their hands. This used to happen once per week, when one of the most famous and delighted old men in the world arrived in the village. Why was this man so respected and waited by every child? The answer is easy and quite entertaining. This old man, thanks to the combination of pressure and heat, was able to turn raw grains of rice into delicious rice cakes, which were highly desired by many children who were both fascinated by the old man’s skills and scared by the deep “boom” coming from the tool he made use of in order to make these tasty snacks.
Nowadays, pressure and heat are still there as two main physical variables to play with in order to transform raw ingredients into delicious snacks. However, compared to the brave Chinese seen in the video, heat and pressure are now controlled using high tech mechanical and electronic solutions.
Moreover, fast and precise batch process, using multi heads volumetric dosing system, allows to obtain from each machine around 25 to 50 kg of finished product per hours, which is ready to be flavoured and packed. A number of machines can be also aligned all together for high capacity production. This way, the entire quantity of the product is spread on several units instead of only one. To sum up, even though one or two of your machines stopped working, there would not be any problem.
Furthermore, since when human beings, thanks to Pascal and Joule, found out how to change physical and organoleptic proprieties of cereals, many ingredients that can be used with the machines mentioned above have changed. For instance, plain grains such as nature delivers can be mixed all together, but they are not the only ones. As a matter of fact, thanks to new and more sophisticated results of cooking extrusion technologies, a great deal of different ingredients can be mixed too, such as different cereal flours, potato solids, fruits, vegetables, spices and other functional ingredients.
Here you can see an example of those snack pellets, which can be formed and cut in a large variety of shapes.
Thanks to the new technologies mentioned earlier and some of the best snack pellets existing, the best snack companies in the world introduced mouthwatering and low-cal snacks.
Here you can find some of the latest products, which have been recently launched in different markets around the world.  

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