Saturday, 1 March 2014


It was 1985 when I commissioned my first snack pellets production line in Guadalajara, Mexico. I have very good memories of that experience. Among other pictures, lying in that draw labelled 1985 of my memory chest of drawers, someone representing huge salty snacks, produced locally and sold to guys frying the pellets on city streets directly in front of clients, using small hand fryers, serving the snacks literally covered with pretty red hot spicy sauce, salt and lemon. Snack pellets used to be sold raw or uncooked for frying them at home too. Most famous shape, a large rectangular  extruded pellets named  after the original fried pork rinds Chicharrones. However, Chicharrones was not the only BIG salty extruded snack shape available at that latitude. Basically all extruded pellets were pretty big once fried: wheels, bacon strips, round tubes and some other made of 98% of "trigo blando" or soft wheat. With my surprise I see the habit of eating that kind of enormous snack pellets did not change a bit even today. Compared to 1985 Mexican producers tend to export the "format" abroad. In fact,  I found these samples on february 2014 travelling among several countries in South America. Nice crunchiness and undoubtedly good wheat flavour. 

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