Saturday, 20 October 2012

A new snack pellets caring for people's health.

Yes we can! Somebody might say it is an obsolete slogan, however it delivers a pretty direct message. In this particular case, it can be applied to this latest snack pellet produced using several different cereals and whole cereal flours, with no preservatives nor colorants, suitable for either toasting and frying.
Even the fried products absorb only 16% fat compared to 25% to 42% of a traditional, and some time similar, fried foto (1)snack. Light bulk density, crunchy texture, smooth mouth feeling, aromatic flavor notes of cereals are the main feature of a perfect product which is also suitable for dipping.
So: YES WE CAN snacking healthy while pleasing your cravings.

What would life be without any flavour?

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