Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Snack Pellets - A Universe of Opportunities

Around 502 millions EU Europeans consumers bought some 1.771.000 tons of salty snacks in 2010. Potato chips counted for about 1/3 of the entire quantity with about 590.000 t, snack nuts 

SDC10560PBIn 2010, about 502 millions European consumers bought around 1.771.000t of salty snacks, amongst which 590.000t were potato chips, 450.000t snack nuts, 300.00t were baked snacks and 420.000t specialties snacks.

SDC10574PBThe 23% of the specialties snacks were snack pellets (95.000 to 100.000t), which represents circa the 5,6% of the total salty snack sales. Relatively it is a small amount compared to the other big numbers, however within this small percentage there are many possibilities to diversify shapes, formulations, textures and much more.

SDC10556PBSnack pellets production seems to be a very small world but it is a universe of opportunities on its own. For instance, the pictures included in this article, show some example of reduced salt snacks, which contain 4/5 types of natural cereals and other healthy ingredients that do not imply any frying or hot air popping procedures. In fact, although frying procedures lead to tasty snacks, the majority of them is unhealthy. Hot air popping does deliver no-fat products, however they leave a terrible dry taste.

The products included in this article were produced tailor made for puffing gun expansion unit. This method is not widely used with snack pellets, however it is important to highlight the positive outcomes. The results obtained utilizing these procedures lead to good expansions, crispy textures and light tastes, leaving aside that dry taste, which characterizes most of the products puffed without a fryer.
SDC10545PBThe possibilities to “build” a tailor made  product, mixing together single elements from nature, for instance for puffing gun units, it is just one of the several added values of snack pellets technology compared to traditional potato chips or snack nuts or even baked products.

In other words, the possibilities to work with lots of different raw materials and shapes to choose from deliver a huge number of opportunities to meet soaring demands for good tastes, healthy and natural snacks.

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