Friday, 31 July 2009

Co-extruded Snack - 1

Co-extruded snack pellets are usually associated with dual-texture as two or more ingredients are extruded and formed into final shape.100_0009_IMGrit Raw material usually processed is wheat but others might be used such as rice, oats, corn, barley or rye. Each one of above ingredients might be mixed with micro or minor ingredient generally to modify color. The co-extruded technology is commonly implemented to produce breakfast cereals and bars filled up with cream, jelly, fruit paste,…..
100_0025_IMGRIT However, beside cereal breakfast also snack pellets might be co-extruded. The pictured product is a really nice four leaf clover shape. As far as I am concern this product is among the best co extruded snack pellet I ever seen….and tasted.

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