Sunday, 22 November 2009

Breakfast and Snacking

SDC1036512This centre filled co-extruded pillow belongs to cereal breakfast  however it represents one of many “crossover” product between breakfast and all day snacking choice. Soft wheat and rice flour the main ingredients with more than 40% in the recipe; add to these  ingredients some nice cocoa filling and form them into some nice small pillows. The result is appropriated for a nice breakfast, no doubt! However, it is also 0Pappealing enough for a mid morning or mid afternoon snacking. I personally love to grab a handful of these pillows and let them fall in to my mouth. I guess the packaging associated with the product drives consumers mind to consider the content mostly suitable to eat it soaked in milk where else it is a lovely IMG0072722product to snack too. This box of Crownfield Nougat   Pillows was purchased in a discount supermarket. Produced for a private label in the west side of Germany the company producing it started its activities around 2005 and produces about 250.000 boxes a day of finished product. Beside centre filled co-extruded products also complex 3 dimensional cereal breakfast originated from semi finished product (snack pellets)might  represent a crossover product. Take these toasted pillows (not fried)IMGP0388rid coated with cocoa for instance. They can be consumed either as breakfast cereal or as a nice snacking option. They are lighter than centre filled co-extruded therefore they can be sold also packed in a “traditional” snack flexible bag.

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