Sunday, 29 March 2009

3D Snack Pellets Corn Cones

Few snapshot of corn cones production details. The pictured process solution represents a possible method applicable to form 3D product characterized by an open side such as corn cones for instance. Another way is to extrude a large sheet which is then divided into narrow strips just before the forming and cutting tool.  Different extruder head configuration might apply according to different process solution. The extruder in the picture is equipped with a round die but horizontal die can be used as well. Sheet or strips uniformity is pretty important to obtain a good and constant quality and extruder head configuration can play an important role to assure desirable and constant quality. Many others aspects are involved starting from the right raw material viscosity, particle size, color, taste and so on through cooker-extruder screw and barrel configuration, die inserts, until quality of forming and cutting toll. If all above are well defined and properly set final product might be really nice for those consumers who love corn snacks.

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