Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Colorful 3D snack pellets

A couple of 3D products  with nice colorful surface. Overall attracting products easy to 100_0005_IMGridnotice among other traditional snack pellet shapes. However, similar  to 3D flours, 3D potato animals are difficult to produce as they are so sensible to final moisture, thickness and process conditions. These shapes where introduced late 90’s as a result of hard competition among small/middle pellets producers. The aim was to gain market share by presenting new ideas which could lead to better sales. Actually, they are nice ideas but difficult to transform in to real products maintaining good and constant quality batch after batch. Pictured shapes are all potato100_0003_IMG2 based:  Potato starch, granules and flakes  are particularly appropriate to be extruded using a single single screw extruder  similar to conventional dry pasta extruder. 3 dimensional and colored potato flowers. Nice idea but difficult product to obtain using extruders and stamping unit. Sheets have to be pretty thin so extruder hourly output is reduced then, thickness has to be quite regular all along the die otherwise expanded products come pretty disomogeneous. Not easy at all. 

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